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We at StoneWiz manufacture Architectural Stone Wall Veneer which harnesses the elegance and beauty of nature. Our proprietary blend of natural ingredients and the craftsmanship of our artisans has enabled us to create a product which captures the inherent beauty of natural stone without the negative environment impact of mining for natural stone. Our designs have been carefully selected from stones available from all across the world. Our artisans work diligently by hand to add life to the designs and manufacture a product which reflects the awe inspiring beauty of nature.

When you look closely at our stone veneers you will notice an unmatched detailing of textures and variation of colours.  StoneWiz colour palettes are designed using inspiration from different natural settings from anywhere to Rocky Mountains to Desert Sands, from Coastal cliffs to Glaciers, from shale rock to timber wood. StoneWiz manufactured stone as compared to traditional natural stone is lightweight, easier and faster to install fungus resistant, eco friendly and require very little maintenance.

StoneWiz welcomes you to the new era of design where architecture and nature unite and homes instead of overtaking nature blend in with it by incorporating elements of the earth into their design promoting peace, creativity and well being.

We at STONEWIZ have strived hard to bring you a product which not only will greatly enhance the look and feel of your living space but will also promote tranquility and calmness in your lives.

Over the years of our existence we have created numerous designs along with multiple shades which give our customers extensive options to choose from. We actively collaborate with our customers to customize our products according to their needs.

Every customer is important to us and our team customer service and field service representatives will provide all the technical assistance required by you to install the stone of your choice. We use the best quality raw materials available which ensure that our products will stand the test of time.

Whether Retail, Hospitality, Restaurant, Housing, Tenant Improvement and Office, Kitchen and Bath, Healthcare, Education sectors etc. StoneWiz is the right partner for your Stone Veneer needs. We have expanded our true capabilities to take care of each customer’s unique needs.

To create products that elevate the design and quality benchmarks which not only are good looking but also authentic. To remain consistent in our execution and trustworthy in our communication.

We aim to create aesthetically pleasing and long lasting products which will not only elevate the look and feel of your living space but will also bring joy in your lives.

To further enhance the beauty of your space and maintain continuity of installation we also manufacture L-shaped corner stones which when installed on edges of the walls or pillars can elevate the authenticity & naturality of your installation.
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Interiors Walls

Our Stones are a great way to highlight your walls in your interior spaces be it your bedroom, living area, fireplace, driveway or kitchen.

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Exterior Walls

Elevate the look of your exterior façade and give it an authentic natural look by choosing the right stone from our wide selection of design and colours.

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Our thin brick veneer is designed to replicate the look of actual exposed brick structures and is available in multiple designs and shades.